Basalt meal granules

100% Natural soil conditioner

  • A 100% natural remedy made from volcanic rock.
  • Strengthens plants
  • Increases the resistance of plants to diseases.
  • Increases the biological value of crops, enriching plants with essential minerals, which are a source of macro and micronutrients for humans and animals.
  • Remineralizes the soil substrate.
  • Facilitated application
  • Ideal for hand or machine spreaders
  • Used for lawn care

Protection against ringworm

Protection against pests

Fights slugs

100% natural

Protection against aphids

Compost and slurry additive

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Product features / customer reviews

  • A 100% natural remedy made from volcanic rock.
  • Strengthens plants.
  • Increases the resistance of plants to diseases.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Regulates the pH of the soil
  • Increases the biological value of crops, enriching plants with essential minerals, which are a source of macro and microelements for humans and animals.
  • Remineralizes the soil substrate.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the good taste of plants, vegetables and fruits.
  • In dusty form it protects against pests / mechanical action.
  • Thanks to its silicon content, it strengthens the cell walls of plants, increasing their resistance to lodging, frost and pests that attack them.
  • Basalt dust is suitable for treating plant seeds, making them immune to fungal diseases.
  • It works well in the fight against aphids and cabbage leafhopper by dusting plants. This treatment protects plants from fungal diseases that attack the leaves of vegetables, trees and shrubs.
  • By creating a protective barrier around the bed, it also combats slugs / mechanical action.
  • It is a mineral additive to manure and slurry.

Purpose and dosage

The agent is a natural product that promotes plant growth by improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The agent can be used in the cultivation of all species of horticultural plants (orchard, vegetable and ornamental plants) and on lawns.

The process of mineral absorption is self-regulated depending on the needs of the soil
and plants.

  • The product is suitable for use on all types of soil, especially light soils.
  • Use before sowing, as well as during the seedling growth period.
  • Use as a seed dressing, before sowing.

No possibility of overfertilization.

Orchard plants:

  • Before establishing an orchard/plantation, apply the agent at a rate of up to 4 tons per ha (4 kg per 10 m2 ). The agent should be evenly spread on the field surface and then mixed or plowed to a depth of about 15 cm.
  • In an existing orchard/plantation, apply the agent in early spring (before the start of vegetation) to the surface of strips about 1 m wide along the plant rows, at a rate of up to 3 kg per 10 m2

Vegetable plants:

  • Apply in early spring or autumn before sowing or planting seedlings. Spread the agent evenly on the soil at a rate of 3-4 kg per 10 m2 and then mix in
    to a depth of 10-15 cm. In such prepared soil, sow seeds or plant seedlings.
  • In case of low soil pH (<5.5), the dose can be increased by 5-10%.

Ornamental Plants:

  • Bedding plants (flower beds, greens, flowerbeds, flowerbeds)
  • In the spring, on the previously prepared soil, spread 3-4 kg of the agent evenly on 10 m2 and mix to a depth of 5-10 cm. In such prepared soil, plant the seedlings of bedding plants after planting, water generously.
  • In the cultivation of perennial plants, apply in early spring at a dose of up to 2 kg per 10m2.
  • After application, mix with the top layer of soil and then water generously.


  • Before sowing grass, apply 4 kg of product per 10 m2 and mix to a depth of 5-10 cm. Then level the soil surface, sow grass and water generously

Chemical composition

Element Value % +/- 20%
SiO2 – Silica: 46,6%
Al2O3 – Aluminum oxide: 14,3%
Fe2O3 – Iron oxide: 11,4%
CaO – Calcium oxide: 9,21%
Na2O – Sodium oxide: 3,10%
MgO – Magnesium oxide: 7,90%
K2O – Potassium oxide: 0,823%
TiO2 – Titanium oxide: 1,95%
P2O5 – Phosphorus oxide: 0,48%
Mn2O3 – Manganese oxide: 0,266%

Ph value (10% suspension) 9.7 +/- 0.5

Electrical conductivity value EC – 0.202 +/- 0.05mS/cm

Trait under study [mg/kg] Results (acceptable value)  [mg/kg]
arsenic (As) below 8,0 [ 50 ]
cadmium (Cd) below 1,0 [ 50 ]
lead (Pb) below 10,0 [ 140 ]
mercury (Hg) below 0,011 [ 2 ]

We have the latest research conducted in 2021.

Our meal on the market has the lowest mercury content

Certification, opinion bodies

Our product has been thoroughly tested by research units and has been approved for marketing by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Decision No. G-1026/21.

NB Minerals – Basalt Flour Granulate – is qualified for use in organic farming. Certificate No.: NE/588/2021

Be green

Our product is packaged in paper bags with the thinnest possible foil insert to protect against moisture, which can be separated from the paper layer.

We try to minimize the use of plastics to protect the environment.

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Great fertilizer and plant protection product. I recommend to all allotment holders. After application/first time in spring/ I noticed better yield of tomatoes,garlic. Now I applied it fertilizing before autumn digging of the plot. In the winter I will apply on the disappearing snow on the lawns.


Decent and professional service. Very good and above all working product. I recommend


Shopping at the highest level. I recommend



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