Hop pellets for horses


Although hops is mainly known as one of the four ingredients in beer, its first use was as a medicinal plant. An infusion of hops cones shows sedative, diuretic, diastolic, analgesic and strengthens the body.

The active constituents of hop cones are: essential oil 1-3%, tannins about 4-5%, resin – about 10%, myrcene – terpene alcohol and its esters bound to acids; in addition, humulon = alpha-goric-hops acid; lupulon = beta-goric-hops acid; quinones, asparagine, choline, triterpene – hopanone, chalcones, flavonoids (quercetin). Pure lupulin contains essential oil (4-6%), resins (40-50%), waxes (15-25%).

Hop cones as well as lupulin (secretory glands of hops) impede the transmission of stimuli to the nervous system, inhibit the function of the cerebral cortex and exert a sedative effect. As a result, in folk medicine, hops cone extract has long been used for states of increased tension, anxiety and nervous hyperactivity. It is used in calming mixtures for horses.

The herbs in this mixture have a soothing effect on the nervous system of horses. They inhibit the overactivity of neurons and improve their transmitters, promote calmness of the body, concentration, have a mild sedative effect. The composition also supports the regeneration of the central nervous system after stressful situations. They have a mood-stabilizing effect on mares in heat. Recommended for use in horses exposed to stressful situations, skittish, distracted, in states of tension and anxiety. In horses with problems of mental as well as physical (muscular) relaxation. Especially for horses showing such signs as muscle tension, depressive states, overreacting to the environment, excitement, hypersensitivity to touch, gnashing of teeth.

Prophylactically: adult horses 50 – 80g of pellets per day, foals and ponies 25 – 40g of pellets per day. Depending on the severity of symptoms, after consultation with a veterinarian, the daily dose can be doubled.

Tea recipe: Pour about 0.5 liters of boiled water over 30g of granules. Steep for 10 minutes under a lid. When the infusion cools, pour with the grounds into the concentrate feed or give to the horse to drink. Adjust the amount of water according to the horse’s preference.

Introduce herbs into the horse’s daily diet gradually, observing the body’s reactions. After a month’s use, take at least a week’s break. Pellets can be given dry as a feed supplement or treat. In winter, great results are obtained by feeding in the form of an infusion. Taking warm liquids has a soothing effect on the horses’ digestive system and regulates the body’s water balance.

Not recommended to be given to foaling mares.

Ingredients: hops cones 100%

Dosage: 50 – 80 g per day per 500 kg horse.

Note: Do not use in foaled mares.

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