Natural cat litter

  • Completely organic, without additives, dyes and chemicals. For humans and their pets, it has no health contraindications and does not irritate the skin.
  • Does not contaminate fur or paws and helps to clean them improves hygiene in litter boxes – prevents bacteria, mold, germs and mites.
  • On contact with liquid it swells and forms stable lumps. It clumps binding feces and moisture and makes it easier to remove and clean the litter box. The litter remains dry and odorless.

Composition: zeolite, bentonite

Be green

Our product is packaged in paper bags with the thinnest possible foil insert to protect against moisture, which can be separated from the paper layer.

We try to minimize the use of plastics to protect the environment.

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Great fertilizer and plant protection product. I recommend to all allotment holders. After application/first time in spring/ I noticed better yield of tomatoes,garlic. Now I applied it fertilizing before autumn digging of the plot. In the winter I will apply on the disappearing snow on the lawns.


Decent and professional service. Very good and above all working product. I recommend


Shopping at the highest level. I recommend



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