PLOWER® Mineral mixture 20kg

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Granules 20kg

APPLICATION: 2-3 kg per 10m2

  • Soil conditioner (vineyards, fields, lawns)
  • Fertilizer additive (smart fertilizers – controlled release of nutrients)
  • Substrate and compost
  • Optimizes water management
  • Improves soil fertility and structure
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers

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Features / qualities

  • A 100% natural agent made from selected minerals.  
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide causing mineralization of carbon dioxide
  • Additive to fertilizers (smart fertilizers – controlled release of nutrients) causing less fertilizer use
  • retains and regulates nutrients (N, K, Ca, Mg) and releases them slowly, making them available to plants over a longer period of time and allowing them to use them more efficiently. 
  • regulates the water balance of plants and soil by which it ensures more efficient water management.
  • increases retention and water holding capacity of the soil
  • prevents soil acidification and improves soil structure, which manifests itself in soil aeration and increased yields.
  • prevents leaching of nutrients into groundwater, protects groundwater and contributes to environmental protection
  • creates conditions for efficient growth, better plant condition and building a strong root system
  • replenishes biological and trace elements such as calcium, iron, molybdenum, manganese, titanium and others.
  • Strengthens plants.
  • Increases plant resistance to diseases.
  • Increases the biological value of crops by enriching plants with essential minerals, which are a source of macro and micronutrients for humans and animals.
  • Remineralizes the soil substrate.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the good taste of plants, vegetables and fruits.
  • Thanks to its silicon content, it strengthens the cell walls of plants, increasing their resistance to lodging, frost and pests that attack them.

Properties of paramagnetism

The product has the property of paramagnetism, whose increased value in the soil affects:

  • improved water retention in the soil
  • increased activity of earthworms and microorganisms
  • better utilization of nutrients in plants
  • improved seed germination
  • resistance to pests
  • resistance to environmental stresses.


  • For prolonged work with granules, respiratory protection (dust mask) is recommended.
  • If it gets into the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Suitability for use: indefinitely

(When using proper storage conditions in original packaging without contact with moisture)


The granules are packed in paper bags with a thin film insert to protect them from moisture.

Each bag for shipment is packed in a cardboard box.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

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