PLOWER nano plant growth activator 100g

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Ecological activator whose natural composition helps to improve growth and increase crop yields. It is a foliar activator, the components of which penetrate into the leaves through the stomata.

100g package

It contains only natural ingredients.

It is suitable for all types of plants except for acid-loving species.

  • weigt: 100g
  • composition: Silica, Calcium oxide

24 in stock

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We have created a unique product that works immediately and topically, making it very efficient and easy to apply. A 100g sachet is sufficient for up to 500m2. It is a mixture of minerals in which we used, among other things, our bestseller, basalt meal as one of the ingredients.

Plower® nano is great for lawns to strengthen them and increase their resistance to drought and high temperatures.


  • increases yields of cultivated crops
  • Increases plant resistance to disease
  • thanks to its silicon content, strengthens the cell walls of plants, increasing their resistance to lodging, frost and pests that attack them
  • Increases the anti-stress resistance of plants to drought, high temperatures and weather fluctuations
  • reduces the need for chemical fertilizers

Dawkowanie: 1-2g (płaska łyżeczka) na 0,5l wody na obszar 10m2


Apply in the morning or in the afternoon so that the spray on the leaves does not wither too quickly. Achieve the spray in the form of a fine mist and sprinkle the plants evenly. Apply a minimum of 2 times per season.

Composition: Silica, Calcium oxide

Use in pressure sprayers, wash with clean water after spraying.

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