Zeolite Universal Clinoptilolite Dust 0-0.2mm 1000g

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100% Natural remedy

  • The agent is 100% natural, made from volcanic rock.
  • Strengthens plants
  • Increases plant resistance to disease.
  • It increases the biological value of crops, enriching plants with essential minerals, which are a source of macro and micronutrients for humans and animals.
  • Remineralizes the soil substrate.
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Zeolite 0-0,2 mm / 1kg

is a natural and unrivaled remedy for beautiful green color and balanced grass growth. Zeolite has the ability to store water and nutrients preventing them from being flushed out of the soil, while gradually releasing them to plants when they need them. By absorbing water, it prevents the top layer of soil from drying out.

Sachet 1kg

fraction: min 0-0.2 mm

Zeolite is a natural mineral with unique physical properties due to its crystal structure. It was formed from volcanic ash exposed to high pressures and temperatures. The name itself comes from the Greek dzeo = to boil (boil), zein = to boil, and lithos = stone (rock), meaning “boiling stones” – this term was introduced in 1765 by the Swedish mineralogist Freiherr Axel von Cronstedt, referring to the secretion of large amounts of water by some minerals – when heated, the water they contain “boils – foams” while covering the surface with bubbles.

Zeolites are crystalline, hydrated aluminosilicates of such metals as primarily: Ca, Mg, Na, K, Sr and Ba. Zeolites are distinguished by a number of unique physical and chemical characteristics, among which it is worth mentioning: high adsorption capacity, molecular-sit capacity, selectivity, ion-exchange capacity, resistance to elevated temperatures and acids.

Average estimates indicate that the use of natural zeolites worldwide is about 3.6 megatons per year. They are found in voids and fractures of alkaline magmatic rocks, mainly in alkaline volcanites. They also appear in geodes, granite and crystalline shale voids and in some ore veins.

Due to their unique properties, zeolites are used in various industries:

  • construction industry as an additive to cements and building mortars due to its pozzolanic properties
  • As a feed additive of the anti-caking group, which also has the ability to bind mycotoxins
  • As supplementary soils, improving the physical and mechanical properties of the land
  • For drinking water treatment and as sorbents for sewage and air pollution
  • As a universal neutralizer of odors and moisture in apartments
  • As a carrier of nutrients and trace elements in the production of fertilizers, and also as a carrier of active substances such as pesticides
  • As moisture and odor sorbents in refrigerators and closed warehouses
  • As filter and pond cartridges
  • As a substrate for hydroponic plant growing, and as a drainage material in all types of grassland and for absorbing pollutants from landfills and heaps
  • As a material with hydroponic properties in lawn cultivation
  • for neutralizing odors and moisture in animal bedding (have indirect bacteriostatic and fungistatic effects)
  • As a decorative material for pots, for building garden ponds, paths, etc.
  • As a filler for the production of structural elements
  • For drinking water treatment.

Technical parameters:

  • base mineral-clinoptilolite > 80%,
  • Dioxins : max. 0.75 ng WHO-PCDD F-TEQ/kg product,
  • Heavy metals: Pb – Max 30 ppm, Cd- Max 2.0 ppm,
  • Microbiological evaluation : Salmonella – 0%,
  • Exchange capacity of 1.2-1.5 mol/kg,
  • moisture content max.10%,
  • Insoluble in water,
  • unscented,
  • color: gray-green,
  • Absorption: ammonia, bioamines,
  • grain size: 0.5 -1.0 mm
  • Spectral chemical analysis: SiO2 65.0 -72 %, K2O 2.2- 3.4 %, Na2O 0.2 -1.3 %, Al2O3 11.5-13.5 %, Fe2O3 0.7-1.9 %, TiO2 0.1-0.3 %, CaO 2.5 -5.5 %, MgO 0.6 -1.2 %.


  • Keep out of reach of children.

Suitability for use: indefinitely

(When using proper storage conditions in original packaging without contact with moisture)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 37 × 31 cm


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